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A modern, dynamic and well equipped company that manufactures industrial flooring, stamped concrete, epoxy flooring, insulation for roofs, heat insulation, heat facade, fences and ramps, gives you a glimpse of the usefulness of these.


With 30 years of experience and its potential, our company has the advantage to adapt and respond to the needs and requirements of its clients, ensuring top quality services.




Many years of experience and our highly skilled and continuously trained company's workforce ensures productivity and synchronously an excellent final product of manufacture.




With great manufacturing capability per day we provide to our customers timely delivery on the exact date that has been agreed.




Monitoring the developments in the construction and utility of industrial floors our company will be upgraded and will be updated constantly to provide its customers with the best quality in the shortest possible time and the best price. In this context we present you the new building materials which provide excellent manufacturing conditions in a modern way.

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